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On this page, you can find examples of my songwriting. There are various types, from serious to silly, political to environmental. Most of the examples are embedded on e.g. Youtube, so you can view them here or go to the main site to view. Enjoy!

Song videos

Below are a few examples from my songwriting collection

A serious track to start with, about the state of the world and what we are doing to it. Riding the wave of the 2021 sea-shanty craze!

A silly song on a serious subject, this is a take on the NHS Health and Care Bill, and opening the floodgates to privatisation

Here's a big production number! Ably assisted by some local friends, I made this video about the COP26 Climate Change summit and the political changes needed to accomplish a good result...

And last of all, another silly one. After the Prime Minister's disastrous 2021 CBI speech, I wrote this song:

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