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On this page, you can find examples of my music, video and audio recording and editing work, as well as some of my photography. Most of the examples are embedded on e.g. Youtube, so you can view them here or go to the main site to view. Enjoy!

Audio and Video

Being a musician as well as an editor means I'm often called on to work on the original music as well as the audio and video production.

Here's everything in one go! I wrote the track with Becki, played on it, recorded and mixed the audio, and made the video...

This is a track by Gadarene from the studio album "Butchers of Bristol". In this example, I did some of the audio editing on the original track, and made the video at the end of a fantastic day of recording!

Community Projects

Here are a couple of examples of projects completed, mostly during the pandemic lockdowns, for groups that were unable to meet in person. They sent me all their video, and I edited it together into a piece or program

This video is "Schottische a Dede", a traditional piece recorded by the Rootnotes Folk Ensemble. They sent in their video and audio, and it was a lot of fun aligning and editing it all to produce this track!

And here's a piece on behalf of the Abbotsham Baptist Chapel. They were very sad at not being able to meet for their annual Carol Service, so I got them to send me all their music, singing and readings. I then edited it into a whole piece so they could enjoy the festive season!


Here's a small selection of portrait, product and landscape photography

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